Reseller Program "Child panels"

Reseller Program "Child panels"

What is child panel?

  • A child panel is a panel with a limited selection of features that is linked to one of your regular panels such as

How much cost for a child panel?

  • It will cost you 25$ per month. Please note, you paying for panel, not for services, you have to pay for the services you will purchase from Amazingsmm

How long it will take to activate the child panel ?

  • It will take 3-6 hrs to active your child panel if you changed your name server perfectly.

Do you need hosting for child panel ?

  • No, for child panel you just need a domain and that's all.

I have domain, what i can do next ?

  • If you have domain, you can simply change your domain name server and point it to After you successfully changed the name server, you can submit a order for child panel

How can i change name server for my domain?

  • Its actually depend on your domain provider, if you go to your domain settings and choose custom DNS and enter the name server given by Amazingsmm.

How to i connect child panel with Amazingsmm?

  • You can simply go to and you will find out option to connect your panel with Amazingsmm. You can a key to connect your panel with Amazingsmm. This key you will find out on settings of your Amazingsmm account.

How can i get refund for child panel if i am not

interested to continue?

  • Unfortunately refund not possible after we activate your child panel. But you can cancel or terminate your child panel any time by creating a ticket to us.

I want to change my child panel domain address, what i need to do ?

  • You can simply, change your new domain name server and send to us your new domain address. We will replace your new domain with old domain. But, this change only possible for 1 time.

How can i activate affiliate on my child panel.

  • Unfortunately, there is no affiliate feature on child panel

How can i add payment gateway on our child panel?

  • You can visit - Add method - Choose Payment Method

How can i collect money from our customer ?

  • You customer will pay to your own payment gateway account, they are not paying to us. So, you don't have to worry about payment. Setup your own payment gateway, and collect payment from your customers

If i connect our child panel with Amazingsmm, is there any way customer will find out about Amazingsmm?

  • No, your customer will never know about They will place order on your website and your order will automatically place to under your user account.